Writing a Professional Profile Bio for Agents and Brokers

Writing a professional bio for real estate agents and brokers is much more than just tossing out that you were

Compare Homes Value Instantly

When consumers are thinking about buying or selling a home, but before they start the process, there’s that unavoidable question:

Market Yourself Without Spending a Dime!

Are you a new agent and just trying to figure out where to start? Well, we’ve all been there, and

HAR Chair's Update


Federal Political Coordinators

Every member of Congress is assigned a REALTOR® called a Federal Political Coordinator or FPC. FPCs are a specially selected

HAR’s Day Under the Dome

Approximately 2,500 REALTORS® and affiliate members from across the state of Texas gathered at the capitol in Austin on March

As Much As Things Change, They Remain the Same

By Amber Burton Alfred | After a 25-year career at HAR, Dana Kervin, HAR’s Director of Governmental Affairs and Chief

A Resource for Your Spanish-Speaking Clients

Texas REALTORS® provides members exclusive access to Spanish translations of commonly used forms for informational purposes. While only forms in

A Global Snapshot: Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA)

Current Legislation/Regulation (bill number or regulation)None at this time. Legislative Contact(s):Evan Liddiardeliddiard@realtors.org(link sends e-mail)202-383-1083 Regulatory Contact(s): Evan Liddiard eliddiard@realtors.org(link sends

Upcoming International Courses

Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) This five-day, 40-hour CE course will bring you up to speed on all aspects of

2019 TREPAC Investors

Investments as of 5/1/2019 - Thank you for your support! Contributions are not deductible for

What TREPAC Has Done for You!

TREPAC's Most Recent Victory: During the recent government shutdown, initially people couldn’t close on a

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Now is the time to get involved and invest to protect your industry. HAR TREPAC