Compare Homes Value Instantly

When consumers are thinking about buying or selling a home, but before they start the process, there’s that unavoidable question:

Market Yourself Without Spending a Dime!

Are you a new agent and just trying to figure out where to start? Well, we’ve all been there, and

Your Personal Branding “Presented By”

At HAR, we are always looking for new ways to promote your brand. Personal branding is all about getting your

HAR Chair's Update


REALTOR® Day at the Texas Capitol

REGISTRATION HAS CLOSEDHAR members are invited to attend REALTOR® Day at the Texas Capitol on Tuesday, March 26.  REALTORS® will

Volunteers are Prepped for Political Engagement

On January 30, more than 80 volunteers serving on the Governmental Affairs Advisory Group, Political Affairs Advisory Group and the

Early Voting Begins for March 5 Runoff Election

Early Voting for the March 5 Runoff Election begins on Feb 25 and runs through Mar 1. HAR recommends Christina

My Introduction to Real Estate in Mexico

“Save the date, we’re going to Mexico!” is what I remember Richard Miranda telling me. Richard is vice chairman on

View the World through Your Clients’ Eyes

One common quality among real estate professionals who pursue the CIPS designation is a keen interest in connecting to clients

International Advisory Group: Looking Ahead to 2019

Another year ends, and a new year is just beginning. Wishing everyone in the coming year, health, happiness and much

2019 TREPAC Investors

Investments as of 3/6/19 - Thank you for your support! Contributions are not deductible for

What TREPAC Has Done for You!

TREPAC's Most Recent Victory: During the recent government shutdown, initially people couldn’t close on a

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Now is the time to get involved and invest to protect your industry. HAR TREPAC