HAR offers an interactive course to provide REALTORS® with tools and techniques to win in the rapidly changing Texas real estate market. The course will discuss what is happening in our market, how to educate clients to its changes, dealing with current inventory levels, and pricing property in this flash market. We will cover writing offers, how to advise our clients about what sellers are expecting, how to act quickly enough to get your offer in and how to win the property for clients.

In presenting offers, listing agents will learn: what is an appropriate time to collect offers, the rules about disclosure of multiple offers, disclosure of other offer terms, and working with sellers to decide. In responding to offers, best business practices for negotiating will be covered, identifying the negotiation style of the coop agent, accepting and rejecting offers, buyer withdrawal and conveying non-acceptance to buyers. Finally, the course offers information about what the Code of Ethics says about working with multiple offers and how we can comply.

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Please contact the Professional Development department at 713-269-1900 ext. 370 or education@har.com