by Verl Workman

What would you say if I told you you’re wasting time and money because of how you run your real estate business? What if I said you’re likely doing it every single week? You’re probably aware of the problem but don’t know there’s a better solution out there. Here’s a simple truth you need to start applying to your real estate business right now:

Any task you do more than three times needs to be systematized. 

According to a national team study commissioned by Workman Success Systems this year, almost half of all real estate teams reported that they don’t have systems in place for tasks that are repeated three or more times. That means that at least half of all real estate teams need to do better – they’re leaving money on the table.

If a repeated task isn’t a part of a system, you’re wasting time, effort, and money. Systems are repeatable, transferable, and efficient – they just make better sense for your business. Here are a couple of things to think about as you shore up your business with systems so you can give yourself more time, unlock bigger profits, and leverage a team to bring your business to higher heights than you can climb alone.

Systems First, Assistants Second

I’ll give you a scenario: your business has grown to the point that hiring a part-time assistant to take care of some menial tasks is looking more and more attractive. You recognize that your time is better spent elsewhere and that the cost of an assistant will be more than made up for by the time it affords you to take part in income-generating activities. When you find yourself here, I urge you to take a step back and survey your business.

An assistant – or assistants, if the need is high enough – is invaluable and can bring a lot of value to your business, your team, and your life. Before you hire one to take on the tasks you find mind-numbing or menial, you’d do well to ensure you’ve systematized them. Taking the time to build systems for the support task in your business will do two things for you:

First, it’s incredibly revealing. A systematized approach will prove to you whether it’s actually time to hire an assistant or whether the issue at hand is that the tasks are ill-defined, ill-planned, or inefficient. If a system solves your time problem without the need to hire an assistant, you’ve saved yourself the cost of an assistant and increased the time you have to generate income.

Secondly, your system will ensure your new assistant has the tools necessary to do tasks the way you want them done, every time. Systems simplify and focus tasks, decreasing the time they take and the number of potential mistakes that might be made. Even if you decide to ultimately hire an assistant or two, systemization will make sure the job gets done the right way every time.

No Task Too Small

As you take inventory of your business and the dozens of little tasks you have to do each day, you’re going to come across little things you do each day that don’t seem like they need to be systematized or passed on to another member of your team. This is ultimately a form of pride, self-delusion, or a need for control – take your pick – and you need to overcome it. 

There is no task too small to be systematized and delegated.

The beauty of systems is that you get to decide how to spend your time. You should use the opportunity systems provide to prioritize the things that bring you higher income, increase your personal satisfaction, and help you build the life you actually want. Hoarding tasks for yourself – no matter how small – is a surefire way to miss opportunities and success that you might otherwise gain.

It’s simple: systematize your repeated tasks and learn to delegate to a team you’ve trained to carry your systems out according to plan or you’re leaving money on the table. Systems will bring you time, let you focus on specialization, and grow your business faster as you leverage the effort of a team. For more insights about systems, teams, and success in real estate, check out Workman Success Systems’ national team study at:


Verl Workman is the founder and CEO of Workman Success Systems, a real estate consulting company that specializes in performance coaching and building highly effective teams. Get free access to some of the very same tools and resources he has used to create success in his clients’ businesses.