On April 4, the Houston Association of REALTORS® hosted the H-Town Day 2024 event, bringing together leaders, advisory group members, and TREPAC investors for a day of insights and discussions. The event, back by popular demand, featured panel discussions led by key figures and presentations by the Mayor of Houston John Whitmire and Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, offering attendees a comprehensive overview of the city’s current status and future prospects.

The day began with Mayor Whitmire’s update on the city’s progress in the first 90 days of his term, setting the stage for discussions on governance, safety, economic development, education, tourism, transportation, and community development.

Safety in the city was a key focus, with insights from Chief Samuel Peña of the Houston Fire Department, Chief Troy Finner of the Houston Police Department, and others, highlighting the importance of collaboration in ensuring the city’s security.

Transportation and infrastructure were also highlighted, with presentations from experts such as Andrea French of Scenic Houston and Eddie Miranda of METRO, emphasizing the role of efficient transportation systems in driving economic growth.

The event also featured discussions on working with Harris County, showcasing collaborative efforts between city and county authorities. Additionally, the 2023 TRLP Leadership Project and Scholarship Presentation highlighted the achievements of local high school students, underlining the importance of youth leadership in shaping Houston’s future.

The day concluded with forward-looking discussions on housing, community development, and regional economic outlook, led by industry leaders and experts. Overall, H-Town Day 2024 was a resounding success, providing attendees with valuable insights and networking opportunities, and reaffirming the commitment of Houston’s real estate community towards the city’s continued growth and prosperity.