Your Safety is Key

Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, working as a real estate professional comes with danger, with exposure at any given time to people you’ve never met before that suddenly reach out to you because they are interested in doing business. Most of those strangers are legitimate consumers seeking to buy, sell or rent property. But, unfortunately, many have less honorable intentions.

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SafeShowings App

Many real estate professionals fear for their safety when they enter a property alone with a stranger. The goal of the SafeShowings app is to provide the tools that could save lives, while keeping people and properties safe. Real estate professionals and their loved ones feel more secure knowing that SafeShowings will automatically notify emergency contacts with identifying details and geolocation in an emergency.

The sale is important, but your safety should come first.  Learn more about how quick and easy it is to get started with SafeShowings for FREE!

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Tracey Hawkins aka “Tracey, the Safety Lady”

SAFETY AND SECURITY SOURCE was founded in 1995 in Kansas City, Missouri by Tracey Hawkins, aka “Tracey, the Safety Lady”. The safety programs address personal safety, home security and auto safety on the road.  

‘Fear-tactics’ are not used. Pro-active techniques and crime prevention tips are taught. People need to know what is on the market to keep them safe, how the products work and where they can be obtained. 

Work with a safety and security product specialist. 

  • Police academy training in OC/pepper spray
  • Knowledge to discuss other safety products and options 
  • Compare what’s on the market, how the products work and how they can solve safety and security concerns 
  • Know who you are buying from and know that it is the best and most effective on the market