Each year, the participants of the Texas REALTORS®  Leadership Program are required to work together to create and implement a leadership project. The leadership project should be one that would benefit the local board, the real estate industry and/or the community. It can be real estate specific or completely philanthropic.

For the past 12 years, the group members have done a phenomenal job at putting together projects that have been far-reaching and long-lasting. As REALTORS® and Leaders, their projects continue to make an impact way beyond their individual year. 

For the 2019 TRLP class, this was no exception. The group determined early on that their core values included: Relationships, Integrity and Impact. So, when it came time to select what would become THEIR project, they looked for a way to help support their fellow Realtor® members and their families.

As many of you know, higher education is expensive, and the financial burden alone can prevent even the most well-intentioned person from finding their potential. The 2019 TRLP wanted to make a difference in any way they could so they decided to create a scholarship fund.

Their Project 

The Be Someone Scholarship Fund was intended to identify individuals who were well-rounded in all areas. Not just in academics, but with extracurricular activities and community involvement. Through fundraising and events, the group raised a total of $24,000 to distribute.

The selection process was grueling as we received almost 100 applications. From this group of wonderful individuals, the TRLP 2019 selected 10 recipients.   

Scholarship Recipients

  • Olivia Jackson $5,000
  • Thomas Stigall $5,000
  • Lilly Brower $2,500
  • Eleena Sherman $2,500
  • Adauria Scott $2,000
  • Laura Diaz $1,750
  • Tyler Dorsett $1,500
  • Zachery Moquin $1,500
  • Jackson Billings $1,250
  • Ty Kisleghy $1,000