This year, HAR will be offering a series of industry related webinars. This series is titled “Shifting for Success.” Each webinar will be centered around building a successful business during the changing market. Throughout the year we hope to provide information that will create the tools you need to “shift to success.”

February 16 (12-1:30pm)
How to Make Your Real Estate Value Proposition Recession-Ready

It’s 2023 – and it’s time to put together a plan to start the year strong. Feeling confident? Many of us aren’t! The current economic situation PLUS all the media coverage of a potential recession is making everyone anxious and wondering how to find the best path forward. While the real estate market has already slowed, it has not shut down – so NOW is the time to review your strategies and get creative!

The session speaker, Lisa Dennis, has been on a personal crusade for the last 20 years to help marketers and sellers craft value propositions that SELL. It’s a lot of work to get your message right. It’s even harder when the economy doesn’t look good. However, the reality is that downturns come and go. And every economic downturn has resulted in two types of sellers: the “holders” and the “movers.”

Holders react to the news. They batten down the hatches, reduce expenses, cut marketing spend and focus on just surviving. Holders wait it out, or even opt out, and then figure out a jump-start when it’s over.

Movers analyze the situation and refocus. They look at different angles, evaluate ways to pivot their approach, tune into previous customers and prospects to get clear on their priorities and hot buttons. Movers brainstorm to find the gaps and opportunities, and update messaging and sales conversations. Movers come out way ahead when the storm has passed.

Given the economic uncertainty, saying the same things you’ve been communicating all along may not get attention now. While we can’t predict the future – we can decide to be a “mover” and adjust strategies and approaches to capitalize on the opportunities that every new challenge brings.

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March 29 (12-1:30pm)
Strategies To Generate Listings In A Shifting Market

In this webinar, national speaker, Steve Black, will discuss strategies and tactics that top agents leverage that will instantly help you THRIVE in today’s selling environment to GENERATE MORE LISTINGS and FIND QUALIFIED BUYERS.

  • Generate Listings In A Shifting Market
  • Simple Facebook Strategies To Get Referrals
  • Leveraging Video To Position Yourself As The Hyper-Local Expert
  • Virtual Open House Promotion – Turning One Listing Into Three
  • Instagram Setup, Stories, and Reels
  • Handling Price & Commission Objections
  • Expired Listing Strategies That Work
  • Building An Unforgettable Personal Brand

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