Whether it is Yelp, eBay or TripAdvisor, consumers look to ratings to make decisions about things they buy or places they go. Why wouldn’t they also want to know about the REALTOR® they hire for their largest financial transaction of their life? HAR launched the Client Experience Rating many years ago and was on the forefront of providing this service to both consumers and REALTORS®. REALTORS® have the ability to receive honest feedback about the services they provided actual clients, which is great to be able to modify something you could have done better or continue doing something that was received well by your clients. Find out more about how HAR members are utilizing the Client Experience Rating and how you can sign up today here.

We started the year off on the right foot, with sales and pricing continuing its upward trajectory. We also have a strong level of pending sales and active listings headed into our next report, so things are looking bright for 2017 on the real estate front. You may read all about the January sales figures here. The rental market also showed strength in terms of volume, so the overall market is doing well, especially as oil prices have stabilized from the last two years.

Ever wonder in what country/city the people live who search HAR.com for homes? You can find out by checking here. Obviously, the United States is the highest traffic country, and Houston is the highest traffic city. The country with the second most traffic to HAR.com might be a surprise though. HAR.com does have listings across the globe, with a concentration in the Western Hemisphere. You can also learn more about our neighbors to the north in this article—and I don’t mean people from Oklahoma.

Mark your calendars for April 4 for REALTOR® Day at the Texas Capitol. This is the chance of a lifetime (or every two years) to meet with your legislators and make your voice heard. You may find out how to register to attend here. There are many other ways to stay in the know about governmental affairs as well. Make sure you are prepared to respond quickly when we issue Calls For Action since this is a pivotal time in the state, especially with talks of reforming our school finance system.

I also want to congratulate the 10 HAR members who recently earned the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation. It is a rigorous process that yields a prestigious reward. It is the mark of true commitment to commercial real estate and shows others that you have the highest level of knowledge and training. You may read about the CCIM designation and those who successfully attained it here.

Until Next Month,

Cindy Hamann
2017 HAR Chair of the Board