Obtain Expert Technology Training at HAR

Media Editing and Media Management for Houston REALTORS®: Students will learn how to edit images from their digital camera for the purpose of adding them to listings in Tempo. Other concepts will include sharing images through email, uploading to websites, file management and long term archiving options. (Approved for 3 hrs. of MCE and Member Fee is $35). TREC # 03-00-091-8523

A Brand Called You: Learn how to separate yourself from the competition. (This is a lecture style course, not a computer course) Brand Yourself. Brand your Web Site. Brand your Email. (Approved for 2 hrs of MCE – there is no cost for this course). TREC # 02-00-031-8006

Free HAR Tools for the Real Estate Agent: The objective of this course is to introduce REALTORS® to internet tools available to them through HAR.com. REALTORS® will also be exposed to real estate websites and services that are provided in conjunction with the Houston Association of REALTORS®. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to apply their learning to their business and technology plan. ( Approved for 3 hrs of MCE – there is no cost for this course). TREC # 03-00-011-7652

Internet Marketing: This course will teach you how the World Wide Web operates though Internet Explorer. You will learn how to explore the net using searches and how to reach individual web pages using URL’s. Users will become familiar with various real estate web sites and resources including the productivity tools on HAR.com. Come learn about your FREE HAR agent Web sites, the School Finder, Neighborhood Statistics and the Listing Traffic Reports.This course is completely real estate oriented and will introduce you to the world of real estate on the Internet. (Approved for 3 hrs. of MCE and Member Fee is $25). TREC # 03-00-091-8522

Managing/Marketing Contacts with Microsoft Outlook: This class is for real estate professionals who are ready to integrate e-marketing solutions into their business. This class not only covers creating distributions lists for mass e-mailing purposes, but also includes managing categorized contacts, performing mail merges, generating mailing labels, task management and other contact management features on Outlook. (Approved for 6 hrs of MCE and Member Fee is $50). TREC #06-00-091-8525

ZipForms 6 Elite: Designed to prepare you with the right tools and strategies to effectively utilize the online version of
ZipForms. (Approved for 3 hrs. of MCE and Member Fee is $25) TREC # 03-00-081-8425

Advance registration is required for all technology courses.

Become a Specialist in Affordable Housing
The Texas Affordable Housing Specialist (TAHS) certification equips Texas REALTORS® with the knowledge to help first-time and underserved homebuyers and increase sustainable homeownership in Texas.

The certification consists of 12 MCE hours, including the mandatory 4-hour United Texas: Housing Initiatives that Work course.

The Houston Association of REALTORS® is currently offering both the required elective courses and the United Texas Housing program now through 2011. For more details and to register for a course please visit the Training website or contact the education department directly.

Legal and Ethics Courses Now Available
Each month, HAR will host a day of Legal and Ethics at the Central office followed by one day at a select branch office.The classes will be offered at the highly discounted rate of $25 ($50 for both Ethics and Legal).

Sessions are sure to fill up quickly so sign up today at www.har.com/edu and look for the courses titled: TREC Ethics and TREC Legal.

Coming Soon… Be on the look-out these new programs:

  • Conversational Spanish
  • Hands-On DocuSign
  • REALTOR® Safety
  • Relocation & Referral