FAQS: Housing Trends eNewsletter

How do I Sign Up for Housing Trends eNewsletter?
Go to http://www.hten.com/Housing-Trends-eNewsletter-signup. Enter your Public ID to choose your password and complete signup.

I am having difficulty signing up for or accessing Housing Trends eNewsletter – what do I do?
You must have an active Public ID to signup. Please contact the HAR Membership Department at 713.629.1900 to verify your Active member status and Public ID.

If you have already signed up, go to http://clients.housingtrendsenewsletter.com.  Access your administrative area by entering your Login ID and Password. If you do not know your login information click on “Forgot Login ID or Password?” link on that page to have your information emailed to you.

What changes can I make to my personal info on the Housing Trends eNewsletter?
Your name displayed next to your photo; your email address; your address; your office phone; your preferred phone; your fax; your company name; your photo; your password

Note: The contact database for Housing Trends eNewsletter and for your HAR/MLS memberships are separate, so updating one will not update the other.

How do I email the Housing Trends eNewsletter to my clients and prospect?

  • Visit http://clients.housingtrendsenewsletter.com
  • Enter your Login ID and PASSWORD, then click “LOGIN” button
  • You will see a list of all published Housing Trends eNewsletters
  • Click on the current month link “Click here to get Newsletter link for your email”
  • Follow the instructions to copy, paste and email your Housing Trends eNewsletter link to your clients and prospects using your own email program.

Note: Housing Trends eNewsletter is NOT automatically sent directly to your clients and prospects. You use your own contact email list (Outlook, Top Producer, etc.) and copy, paste and send the eNewsletter to your clients monthly.

How often is a new edition of the Housing Trend eNewsletter available?
The latest Housing Trends eNewsletter will be available about the middle of each month.

For more details visit: http://www.hten.com