The NAR settlement has undoubtedly generated questions, concerns and misinformation. In response, we have launched The Reality of Real Estate. It is a campaign dedicated to providing the facts to agents, consumers and the media about the settlement and the potential impacts as well as highlighting the value of using a REALTOR®.

The Reality of Real Estate is your home for the facts. This page is designed to help consumers understand the potential impacts of the settlement with the latest FAQs, buyer and seller guides, financial tools and a video playlist featuring former ABC 13 news anchor Art Rascon.

There are also individual pages tailored to particular groups:

  • For The Reality of Real Estate page with buyer-specific information, CLICK HERE.
  • For The Reality of Real Estate page with seller-specific information, CLICK HERE.
  • For The Reality of Real Estate page with agent-specific information, CLICK HERE.
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Consumer & Media Outreach

You’ve likely seen some of the recent headlines with misinformation about the settlement. We are partnering with public relations powerhouse Hill & Knowlton to get the facts out to the public. We are reaching out to media outlets to ensure accurate information about the settlement reaches consumers. We have also created a Press Kit that includes an NAR settlement fact sheet.

REALTOR® Toolkit

HAR understands the importance of communicating the invaluable services REALTORS® offer. We created a REALTOR® Toolkit for you. The toolkit is packed with assets you can download and customize with your branding and share with your clients, including:

  • One Sheets: PDFs detailing the value of using a REALTOR®, down payment assistance resources and more. You can share these with your clients or include them in listing presentations.
  • Social Media Graphics: Easy-to-share graphics highlighting the value you bring to consumers and facts about the settlement.
  • Professional Development: Classes to help you boost your expertise as a REALTOR®.
  • Technology Tools: List of tools that can help with agent promotion, listing promotion and help you boost overall productivity.
  • In addition to the new Reality of Real Estate pages, you can also continue to get updated information at (formerly

HAR is committed to continuing to provide you with the tools and information you need to navigate this changing landscape.

We will continue to build and update the Reality pages  in the coming weeks and months with new content.