Tempo has been HAR’s primary MLS system for the past 15 years, a very long time in terms of technology and software. HAR’s system vendor, Corelogic, is discontinuing both Tempo and Fusion and has already moved more than 600,000 agents across North America to Matrix. HAR is the last account in the country remaining on Fusion and Tempo, both scheduled for retirement this fall, Fusion on October 3 and Tempo on November 14, 2017.

HAR understands the inconvenience of learning new software, especially something as critical to your business operations as MLS. To assist you in this transition, HAR is providing free, CE-accredited training classes on the Matrix system. HAR members are encouraged to preview a recorded webinar and play around in Matrix prior to attending a hands-on class. Starting the transition today will allow you enough time to become proficient in Matrix before Tempo and Fusion are turned off.


  • HAR’s vendor, Corelogic, is discontinuing Tempo and Fusion
  • After 15 years, HAR is the last customer using Tempo and Fusion
  • Matrix will be the single platform supported into the future

How do I get started?

  • Visit www.har.com/matrix
  • Watch “The Basics of Matrix” video – (visit the website above and look in the “Video Tutorials” section)
  • Login and run some searches in Matrix
  • Register for a hands-on “Matrix Overview” class

For more details and training opportunities, please visit: www.har.com/matrix.