HAR members are reporting new cases of harassing calls, texts and emails from a man who uses a different name each time and often includes “you’re so sexy” in his messaging. The latest name he is apparently using is Jackson. Members have told us that the calls come in at all hours of the day and night, in some cases to multiple agents from the same brokerage, with no caller ID displayed. One agent reported receiving 19 calls in one night. They are from the 331 and 470 area codes and possibly others, all outside the Houston calling area.

HAR urges members to report any such harassment to Judith Delossantos in the Sex Crimes Division of the Harris County Constable’s Office at judith.delossantos@cn5.hctx.net or 832-927-6753. Your information could prove helpful in her investigation.

We still occasionally hear from members receiving calls from the infamous “foot fetish creep.” He, too, typically uses a blocked number with no displayed caller ID, which has made those cases harder to investigate. Nevertheless, we urge you to block those calls when possible and immediately call 911 to report them to your local police department.

Your safety comes first, and HAR urges you to act swiftly in reporting any such incidents. Please be sure to share this information with others.