By Amanda Wells

2020… the year that we all patiently waited for is here and much different than we expected! The onset of COVID 19 has caused a disruption in every aspect of life.

The shutdown of Houston began the week of my birthday in March which caused the first onset of stress and anxiety. Will I get to see friends and family, will my kids be safe, will we run out of food, will people continue to purchase houses, and why can’t I find toilet tissue? So many uncertainties and questions left me feeling defeated, scared, and unsure of the future.

I had a bad onset of anxiety which lead to many sleepless nights and constant prayers. However, as time progressed, we came together as family, a community, and a nation to figure out our new normal. I began to get the kids excited about staying at home by cooking together, taking  bike rides, movie nights, even backyard camp outs. I began to shift my business to ensure that most of the communication was virtual to provide a sense of security for my clients. I connected with friends via virtual happy hours.  And many of those friends I had not spoken to or hung out with in months due to such a fast-paced schedule. When I step back and look over the past few months, I realize that 2020 has been a scary year filled with loss, change, and an unpredictable future. I also realized that COVID-19 has all brought us closer in more ways than I could have imagined. It has taught me to make lemonade out of lemons. Life is what you make it and even though the road ahead is bumpy and full of potholes, we can still find joy on the journey.

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