For many Americans, August is the month to enjoy a last hoorah before heading back to school and the usual work routine. In the federal political process, however, that is not the case. Lawmakers in Washington, D. C. use the month of August, or August recess, to return to their legislative districts, visit their constituents back home, campaign and fundraise for themselves or other candidates.  It’s a critical time for federal lawmakers to reconnect with the folks back home in advance of Labor Day, the traditional start of campaign season leading up to the November general election.

The August recess offers the perfect opportunity for REALTORS®, serving as Federal Political Coordinators (FPC) for the National Association of REALTORS®, to meet with their respective Member of Congress. FPCs schedule meetings with their congressional representatives to thank them for their service, to address Realtor issues, and to educate them on the issues. An FPC may also present their Member of Congress with a REALTORS® Political Action Committee contribution on behalf of the Realtor Party.

Here are a few photos of our FPCs and lawmakers at work for the REALTOR® Party during the August recess.