HAR’s Political Affairs Advisory Group held a meeting on August 27 with Houston City Council Members. With the passage of Chapter 19, the Floodplain Ordinance, and Chapters 9 & 13 of the Infrastructure Design Manual and the Building Code, which impact detention, sheet flow, and fill, it was important for Realtors conducting transactions in the City of Houston to hear first-hand from district and at-large council members.

Council members each have their passions.  Here are a few of the topics discussed during our meeting:

  • Flooding
  • Safety
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Trash Pick Up
  • Plans for the Downtown Post Office
  • Plans for the Old Sears Building
  • Land Trust
  • Pension, Procurement, and Permitting
  • Standardizing Software
  • Contracting
  • The Budget
  • BARC
  • Lead in Paint
  • Drainage Fees

As you can see, these issues touch upon our everyday lives and the enjoyment thereof. That is why being involved in local elections, having a seat at the table, and having a voice on council are so important.

Next year, there will be five open council seats due to term limits. Council Members Jack Christie, Brenda Stardig, Jerry Davis, Ellen Cohen, and Mike Laster cannot seek re-election. HAR and TREPAC helped to elect each of these council members, and we appreciate their being attentive to our concerns and having an open door.

Marsha Fisk will serve as 2019 Local Political Affairs Advisory Group Co-Chair alongside John Nichols, who will serve as State and Federal Political Affairs Advisory Group Co-Chair. We thank them both for their willingness to serve and we look forward to their leadership.