The deadline to submit an application has passed.

As a leader of one of the most prestigious REALTOR® associations in the country, HAR directors are recognized within the Houston community and nationally for the real difference they make in the lives of HAR’s more than 39,000 members through the decisions they make and the standards that they set.

Here are just a few examples of how HAR Directors earn this distinction every day:

  • Setting high standards for one of the largest MLS operations in the country;
  • Creating political policy for HAR’s governmental affairs program;
  • Continually enhancing, the nationally recognized member and consumer real estate website;
  • Advancing industry competency, fairness and high integrity through enforcement of NAR Code of Ethics and HAR rules and regulations;
  • Designing and advocating the consumer awareness campaign through advertising and public relations efforts.

While serving on the HAR Board of Directors is a rewarding experience, there are also expectations that come with it. Chief among them is maintaining the highest ethical standards and ensuring the financial resources of the Association are used in the most efficient and effective manner.

Board Member Responsibilities Include:

  • Attendance at HAR board meetings (may not miss more than three meetings to remain active on the board), which are usually held on the third Monday of each month
  • Attendance at the 2020 Leadership Dinner on Aug. 20
  • Attendance at SLC annual strategic leadership conference, which will be held August 21-23 in Galveston, to help shape the Association’s direction for the upcoming year
  • A commitment to invest in TREPAC
  • Attendance at the Engage Conference on Oct. 23
  • Attendance at REALTOR® Celebration on Dec. 19
  • Service as an ambassador of the Association to promote HAR’s products, tools and services and provide information to your firm and the real estate community at large;
  • Participation in HAR activities throughout the year.

If you are prepared to commit your time, talents and passion to make a difference by being a part of HAR’s leadership team and meet all of the eligibility requirements, today is the day to apply for one of the HAR director positions. Submit your candidacy for HAR’s 2020 Board of Directors.

You may download the registration form at