As a Texas REALTOR®, being aware of which political candidates support real estate issues is an important aspect of your business. Real estate and politics go hand in hand, and the results of elections can have huge impacts on the industry. HAR goes through the political affairs process with each local candidate in order to decide which candidates should be recommended to our REALTOR® members. 

First, the HAR political affairs team, along with volunteer REALTOR® members from either the Political Affairs Advisory Group (PAAG) or the Political Affairs Advisory Leadership (PAAL) interview each candidate. During the interviews, the candidates are asked a number of questions in order to lay out their positions on real estate issues. Some topics of these questions include property taxes, rental registration, sales price disclosure, eminent domain and more.  

These interviews help determine which candidates should be submitted to the HAR Board of Directors as recommended candidates. For local candidates, the HAR Board of Directors gives the final approval, while for state and national candidates, there are additional layers to the process. 

Finally, once the candidate receives the REALTOR® Party seal of approval and TREPAC support, the Get Out the Vote REALTOR® process begins.