FAQS: Client Experience Rating Program

Who will be able to rate me?
Only clients whom you have represented in a closed MLS transaction will be able to rate you (sales and leases). You will receive an email following a transaction and be asked to provide your client’s email address. The system will then generate an email invitation to the client to take the survey.

What if my client doesn’t have an email address?
In the event your client does not have an email address, we can conduct a phone survey on your behalf. If the phone survey is your only option, please email your Public ID, listing’s MLS number and address and your client’s name and phone number to Marilyn Maxwell at marilyn@har.com. 

Note: Phone surveys can take significantly more time to complete than the automated online surveys simply because of their time consuming nature and the fact the Marilyn is the only person performing this service for the HAR membership.

Will anyone else have access to my client’s information?
No. Your client’s email address will not be shared with anyone and will not be used for any purpose other than this survey.

Will the agent be able to pick and choose which ratings will be displayed?
No. They can opt in and participate in ratings or opt out and not participate. If they choose to participate, they can opt to publish all or none to HAR.com.

What if I don’t want to participate?
All members were by default, setup as “participating”, but with all ratings being viewable ONLY by the agent. Participation options are as follows and can be changed by the member at any time by logging into HAR.com:

  • Opt-In to the Client Experience Rating (do not show ratings online)
  • Opt-In to the Client Experience Rating (Show ratings online)
  • Opt-Out of the Client Experience Rating completely

Note: If you choose to participate, but then don’t send surveys to all clients, you will automatically be “opted out” of the system because you did not adhere to the guidelines of the program. However, we will not hold members liable for the client not responding to surveys sent. You will not be penalized in any way as long as you send the survey online or provide the proper alternate information.

For more details visit: http://members.har.com/Realtor-Rating-Program/default.cfm