We’re excited to announce that free floor plans are now available to all HAR MLS subscribers through CubiCasa.

CubiCasa is a revolutionary mobile app that produces detailed and attractive floor plans from a simple five-minute scan of a home. The app requires no training and no extra equipment; it will work with almost any smartphone or tablet you already own.

According to the annual NAR Homebuyers and Sellers Survey, consumers consistently rank floor plans as their most desired listing content after standard photos and property data. Floor plans help home buyers really understand how a home will fit their needs, at a glance, like no other digital asset.

Effective today, HAR MLS subscribers are eligible for the following benefits from CubiCasa:

  • Free floor plans, with room dimensions and total square footage;
  • A 25% discount on optional add-ons such as fixed furniture, Appraisal GLA, rush orders, or large homes;
  • The ability to edit and customize floor plan outputs to your needs;
  • Access to HAR’s directory of real estate photographers, if you prefer to work with a photographer on your listing. Additionally, CubiCasa can be used by any photographer you already work with.

To get started, visit the CubiCasa website HERE!

  • When you create an account with CubiCasa, you must link that account to the Houston Association of REALTORS® using a simple dropdown menu, in order to receive the free basic floor plans and the 25% discount for optional add-ons.
  • If you already have a CubiCasa account, you can link it to the Houston Association of REALTORS® in your CubiCasa Profile settings in your user dashboard.

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