Q. What is CubiCasa?

CubiCasa is a mobile app that uses your mobile phone’s camera to create floor plans of properties.

Q. How much does it cost to create a floor plan?

The basic floor plan is free. HAR members receive a 25% discount for optional add-on services such as the inclusion of fixed furniture/appliances, expedited delivery (6 hour), homes over 5,000 sf and GLA Appraisal calculations.

Q. How long does it take to receive my floor plan?

Floor plans are generally available within 24 hours of submission and will be sent to your email and available in the CubiCasa dashboard.

Q: Where can I learn more about CubiCasa?
You can learn more about CubiCasa here: https://www.cubi.casa/how-to-use-cubicasa-app/

Q: Will HAR be offering any webinars for this new product?
Yes. There will 2 webinars offered, with the first being offered on July 26. Information can be found in the Matrix News & Alerts widget or on https://www.harconnect.com/cubicasa

Q: I need support with CubiCasa, who do I contact?
 Either use the chat function in the CubiCasa app or send an email to MLSHelp@cubicasa.com.

Q: I received my floor plan back from CubiCasa, what is the best way to add it to my listing?
Download the PDF version of the floor plan and then upload it to your listing in Matrix as an attachment. Make sure to select the PDF Type as ‘Public – Floor Plan’.  HAR.com will soon be adding an icon on the primary image for consumers to easily identify and access the floor plan.

Q: Can I use the CubiCasa on any device?
You can find a list of supported devices at https://help.cubi.casa/en/articles/6661525-list-of-supported-hardware.