His long-time family friend and neighbor, John Nichols, had the privilege of introducing Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar, special guest at the September 17 HAR Board of Directors meeting.

Hegar is a sixth-generation Texan who grew up farming land that has been in his family since the mid-1800s. In fact, the Hegar Road sign on Highway 290 is named after his family as is the Nichols Sawmill Road named after John Nichols’ family.

Hegar serves as the state’s chief financial officer, the state’s treasurer, check writer, tax collector, procurement officer, and revenue estimator. As CFO for the world’s 10th-largest economy, Hegar monitors Texas’ financial health to ensure it maintains strong fund balances.

HAR and TREPAC supported Glenn in his first election to represent District 28 in the Texas House of Representatives in 2002. As he sought higher pubic office, HAR supported Glenn when he ran for the  Senate District 18 seat in 2006.  Senator Hegar served on the important Sunset Review Committee. When he sought to serve as State Comptroller in 2014, TREPAC supported him again.  Now, Hegar is seeking re-election to serve a second term in the November 6 election.

Comptroller Glenn Hegar & John Nichols

Glenn has worked hard to bring public and legislative attention to long-term financial obligations facing the state, such as:

  • health care coverage for public school teachers and employees
  • infrastructure maintenance
  • state employee pensions
  • and managing the state’s $11 billion Economic Stabilization Fund — the “rainy day fund”

Most recently, Hegar guided the formation of the nation’s first state-administered precious metals depository, which began accepting deposits of precious metals on June 6, 2018.

As we prepare for next year’s state legislative session, it was timely for the HAR Executive Committee and Directors to hear first-hand the state of Texas’ economy, which is healthy and strong!

To stay abreast of the state’s economic news, visit https://comptroller.texas.gov/. Follow Comptroller Hegar on Twitter @txcomptroller.