Due to the current social distancing requirement, CommGate has moved all in-person training classes to a live online virtual classroom using Zoom. Zoom meetings offer students a unique opportunity to engage with other commercial real estate professionals in an online environment.

The Zoom format allows attendees to participate in new ways. Each CommGate training session is presented by two instructors. One instructor leads the presentation, while the other manages a chat feature. The instructors will always set aside time for questions, but the chat feature provides attendees other opportunities for questions or comments while the course continues.

Zoom meetings also allow CommGate staff to offer training more frequently. In-person training requires booking a training space, which can be challenging at times because of the sheer number of courses HAR offers. However, conducting training sessions using Zoom removes the training facility requirement. This new format has proven to be so successful, that even when we are ready to resume in-person training, online classes will continue on a regular basis.

During the month of July, CommGate training sessions will be offered every Friday at 9 a.m. To receive a link to the training session, contact the CommGate help desk at info@commgate.com or call (713) 629-1900 ext. 363.