Commercial real estate brokers have always been a mobile group of professionals. A land broker once told me he didn’t need a computer because the only two pieces of technology he needed were his cell phone and his pickup truck. But today’s newest generation of mobile devices and tablet computers, like Apple’s iPad, might have even that broker thinking it is time to get in on mobile computing.

Commercial Gateway is going mobile to better support Houston’s commercial brokers. The CommGate mobile app is a mobile browser solution that displays information in HTML5.  The application has been optimized to take advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch, user interface and to also work on the latest generation of Android “Honeycomb” tablet computers. Since the application is operating in the mobile browser, usually either Safari or Chrome, there is no need to download an app from the App Store.

The mobile application allows CommGate members to search available listings using their iPad.  Users can set starting points in their local market and return detailed listing reports with a simple tap of the screen. Listing information can be viewed on maps or in a summary results format.  Users can search For Sale or For Lease properties and narrow results by type, price, square footage and more. Zoom in and tap on listings to view listing broker contact information and tap to send them an email. Users can also email listings to clients from their iPad.

Commercial Gateway members will be provided access to the mobile application from the password-protected, member area. A new item has been added to the Manage Listings menu for “Manage Mobile App”; this new menu option allows a CommGate member to set a PIN code as well as save a geographic starting point for map-based mobile sessions.

The key to brokerage productivity is to perform activities promptly upon request so there is no need to revisit an issue or delay getting a client the information they need. The new CommGate mobile application gives brokers the power to more quickly access current information and respond to their clients’ needs.