In an Astros-themed celebration, Robin Mueck, Ignacio Osorio, Chance Brown, Christopher Sears, and Rick Rogers were presented with special award recognition at HAR’s “VIP of the BIP All Star Home Run Celebration” held at Minute Maid Park the afternoon of September 26. HAR’s incoming Board Chair, Shannon Cobb Evans, held the distinct honor of presenting their awards.

These awardees kept the pressure on and encouraged their agents to respond to the National Association of Realtors’ Calls for Action on Tax Reform, launched last fall, and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), launched in June. Their enrolling in NAR’s Broker Involvement Program (BIP) and their agents responding to the Calls for Action, by email or text, encouraged their Members of Congress to pass legislation favorable to Realtors and to the property owners they serve.

I was pleased to introduce out-of-town guests who joined in the celebration. Each guest was instrumental in helping to increase brokers’ awareness of the importance of enrolling in the BIP.  Traveling from Austin to throw his support was Bill Evans, Texas Liaison for the NAR Broker Involvement Council.  Martha Dent, 2017 Texas TREPAC Chair, traveled from Arlington. Caroline Stewart, NAR’s Specialist for Campaign Services and Advocacy, flew in from Washington, D.C.

Key to HAR’s success in meeting and exceeding the national 20 percent Call for Action participation goal, were Shannon Register, HAR Director and TAR Political Involvement Council Appointee, and Mike Mengden, Region 14 Representative to the Political Involvement Council.

Five Award Presentations

  1. The “Most Valuable Player” award was presented to Robin Mueck, Chairman, CEO, and Broker-Owner of Heritage Texas Properties. Heritage Texas Properties had the highest participation rate for brokers with 100 or more agents. One hundred forty-two out of 346 agents, or a whopping 41% of her agents responded to the NFIP Call for Action.
  2. The “Power Hitter” award went to Ignacio Osorio of the Champions Real Estate Group because he had the most agents, 230, who responded to the NFIP Call for Action. Incoming HAR Director Krista Lancton accepted the award in Ignacio’s absence.
  3. The “Rookie of the Year” award went to Chance Brown, Broker-Owner of CB&A, Realtors. His 60 agent office had 80% participation in the NFIP Call for Action.

There were two “Most Improved Player” awards based on the improvement shown in their agents’ participation in the Tax Reform Call for Action and the NFIP Call for Action:

  1. The first “Most Improved Player” award was presented to Christopher Sears of Realm Real Estate Professionals. We saw the highest increase in the number of agents who responded to the Tax Reform Call for Action launched late last year, 75, compared to the NFIP Call for Action launched in June, 134. So, almost twice as many agents responded to the second Call for Action as compared to the first Call for Action.  That’s quite an improvement, wouldn’t you agree?
  2. The second “Most Improved Player” award went to Rick Rogers of Texas United whose mother, Jeannie Rogers, accepted the award in his behalf.

Rick received this award because his agency showed the highest percentage increase for brokers with over 100 agents. Eighteen of his agents responded to the Tax Reform Call for Action, while 56 agents, or almost three times the agents, responded to the NFIP Call for action. Importantly, Rick gives credit for the big improvement because of the phone call he received from Bill Evans. That’s Bill doing his job and getting the desired results!

Congratulations to all broker-owners and agents who knocked it out of the ball park through their enrollment in the Broker Involvement Program. Their taking action enabled Texas to exceed the national 20 percent participation goal!

Be on the look-out for Calls for Action as Congress extended the NFIP until November 30, so further action will be needed as this legislation moves forward.