Coronavirus or not, the “foot fetish creep” appears to be back in action. HAR has received several complaints since the weekend of March 14-15, with members reporting that the suspect has called them as many as a dozen times all throughout the evening and overnight, always from a blocked or private phone number (the display typically reads “NO CALLER ID”).

At the beginning of the year, HAR received complaints about a foot fetish caller that quickly became agitated during the calls and threatened physical harm. This latest round of complaints falls more along the lines of the original technique, which was to begin the call asking about a property listing, and then quickly transitioning to a creepy conversation about footwear and pedicures. It is difficult to know if this is one person or multiple callers. Regardless, HAR’s advice to members in the interest of SAFETY FIRST is to immediately contact your local police department to report the harassment.

CLICK HERE for the last article that HAR published with details about the caller that made violent threats during his calls.

As always, especially during this pandemic, HAR reminds all members to make your safety as well as the safety of your family members and clients your top priority.