Dear HAR Members,

It is a great honor and privilege to serve as your HAR Chairman of the Board for 2024. We all know that real estate has had a turbulent few years, between a global pandemic and inflationary headwinds. Unfortunately, the rough ride is not over yet, between the highest mortgage rates in 20 years, uncertainty over the outcome of pending legal action against the National Association of REALTORS® and anxieties over the role Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play in our industry. Nevertheless, real estate is thriving and the Greater Houston housing market remains one of the strongest in the U.S.

I never cease to be impressed by all the tools that the HAR Technology team developed during and since the pandemic. These include virtual open houses and showings along with innovations to safeguard members from potential predators and provide funding options to consumers facing financial challenges and who worry that the American dream of homeownership is beyond their reach.

I am not only proud of these achievements, but the work that HAR does throughout any given year to promote the industry and develop new tools benefiting members and consumers alike. Did you know that HAR membership has soared to almost 50,000? That is nothing short of amazing on this side of a pandemic!

While we have been in a sales slump for a year and a half, the rental segment has flourished. Inventory has improved, pricing has moderated, and all indications are that once the Fed eases back on its rate hikes, consumers will return to the resale market. When exactly that might happen I cannot say since I have not been endowed with a crystal ball. That also means I can’t possibly predict what other challenges may lie ahead in 2024. But I suppose if we can make it through a global pandemic and inflation, we can survive anything! That has everything to do with the dedication and commitment of all of us to promote homeownership and renting along with our love of the Greater Houston area that we call home.

With that said, I am thrilled to announce that for the 21st consecutive year, the HAR Board of Directors has voted to leave the current dues level unchanged. That’s right. Your HAR membership will not cost one cent more in 2024!

As I travel the country for industry conferences and meetings with elected officials, I am reminded of just how many people and organizations regard HAR as a pioneer for its groundbreaking and innovative ways. Our Association is closely watched and emulated by others all the time, and that is the ultimate compliment.

Only with the strength and support of every one of HAR’s more than 50,000 residential and commercial members can we remain a successful and impactful REALTOR® community! I want to personally thank each and every one of you for membership in YOUR Association. This Association only exists because of your participation, so please know that HAR is always here to support you – in 2024 and beyond.

The HAR Board of Directors is pleased to announce that HAR membership dues will remain unchanged for 2024.

Thank You,

Thomas Mouton
2024 HAR Chair


How do I pay my dues?

MLS subscribers – To pay your 2024 HAR, TAR and NAR dues, logon to MLS subscribers need to logon using their Username and Password.

Non-MLS subscribers – To pay your dues, if you do not have a Username and Password, click on the line that says: “Non-MLS users click here.” The screens are set up to guide you through the payment process.

I forgot my User ID and Password. Do I need a new one?

No. Simply call HAR’s professional and courteous membership department 713-629-1900 option 4 and they will e-mail you your member ID and password. Due to security reasons, HAR will NOT distribute this information over the phone.

How much are TAR and NAR dues, and must I pay them?

For 2024, HAR dues are $132, TAR dues are $152 and NAR dues are $201. Through your membership with HAR, you are automatically a member of TAR and NAR. These memberships are not optional.

Why do I have to pay TREPAC?

TREPAC is a voluntary contribution and is not required. However, TREPAC assures that issues and concerns related to the real estate industry remain a priority for our public policy makers and governments who can shape how you do business.

When is the deadline to pay my dues?

HAR’s “drop dead” payment date is December 31, 2023. After December 31st, all non-paid members will be inactivated in our system. Payments received after December 31, 2023 will require a $25 reinstatement fee for HAR.

What services do I receive for my dues?

For a complete list of the more than 80 products and services, please visit:


If you have questions regarding your membership account, please contact Member Services at (713) 629-1900 option 4 or via email at