Each year, REALTORS® from across the country travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with members of the United States Congress to discuss important housing-related bills. Along with hosting the legislative meetings, National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) releases a set of policy priorities for the year. It is great to see that NAR’s 2024 REALTOR® Legislative Priorities align with HAR Governmental Affairs and Advocacy’s Local Priority Issues once again.

Here at the local level, we often discuss Housing Affordability and Housing Attainability, two issues that have been at the forefront of HAR’s priorities since 2019. In fact, for the last two years, HAR has hosted a housing symposium focused on these two issues that features panels filled with numerous industry experts.  If you’ve missed out on our previous housing symposiums, don’t worry, we will be bringing it back for a third consecutive year this November, so stay tuned.

This year’s NAR Legislative Meetings are from May 4-9 in Washington, D.C. These meetings are a prime example of how HAR works with our colleagues at Texas REALTORS® (TR) and NAR to achieve our collective advocacy goals. We look forward to seeing you all in Washington D.C.

2024 NAR Legislative Priorities:

  • Address America’s Housing Shortage
  • Ensure Fair Housing for All

Priority Highlights

As we know, likely the biggest housing issue in the country is the lack of supply. As a result, NAR has made this their top issue for the second year in a row. While there are several bills regarding America’s housing shortage amongst the NAR Legislative Priorities, we wanted to highlight a couple of them. First, the Neighborhood Homes Investment Act (S. 32/H.R. 4606) would help attract private investment for building and rehabilitating homes across the country. Also, the Yes in My Backyard (YIMBY) Act (S. 1688/H.R. 3507) encourages the building of affordable housing using the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program.

For a full list of priority issues and talking points click HERE.

2024 Federal Political Coordinators

Each member of Congress is assigned a REALTOR® liaison known as a Federal Political Coordinator, or FPC (photos at right). These members serve a vital role as the primary connection between HAR and our federal-level officials. They work tirelessly to ensure that our Members of Congress are up to date on REALTOR® issues. We thank each of our FPCs for their dedication to private property rights and the real estate industry.