The Texas 88th Legislature is in officially in full swing! Legislators have been assigned to Committees, Senate and House hearings are on the calendar, and March 10 marks the bill filing deadline. Texas REALTORS® have released their top twenty-five priorities. Being leaders on these issues and keeping REALTORS® at the front of the conversation is essential to real estate industry.

Appraisal Caps
Texas REALTORS® opposes appraisal caps as a solution to high property tax claiming lowering the cap will create havoc within the appraisal system.

Broadband Access
Texas REALTORS® will continue supporting public and private investment broadband access, especially in rural areas.

Central Appraisal District
The appraisal process and local taxing-jurisdictions’ budget processes have become increasingly difficult.Texas REALTORS® support increasing state oversight of central appraisal districts and review boards.

Change-of-Use Texas
Current circumstance has resulted in unfair and unjustified ad valorem taxation on property owners. Texas REALTORS® supports repealing or reducing the three-year “rollback” tax collection.

Eminent Domain Authority
Eminent Domain threatens private property rights. Texas REALTORS® understands the need for for legitimate property condemnations; however, landowners should be justly and timely compensated.

Energy and Electricity
Texas REALTORS® supports the Legislature prioritizing the multi-modal energy system tht facilitates state delivery of electricity and other energy services to residents and businesses, as well as innovative technologies.

Extra-Territorial Jurisdictions
Texas REALTORS® understands the importance of ETJs. However, we are concerned about the current extent of municipal regulation in extra­territorial jurisdictions, as well as the conflicts that arise between cities and counties regarding the regulation of properties

Home Equity
Texas REALTORS® supports maintaining the strong consumer protections in home-equity lending provided in the Texas Constitution and opposes moving any segment of those protections.

Homeowners Association
Texas REALTORS® supports efforts lo reform laws governing homeowners’ associations to ensure HOA operations are transparent and resident-friendly.

Hospital Development
Texas REALTORS® supports the development and funding of hospitals and health care in all parts of Texas, especially our rural communities.

Housing Affordability
Texas REALTORS® supports affordable housing to all Texans and supports creative solutions to help boost homebuying among Texans of all income levels.

Investment in Infrastructure
Funding from the federal Infrastructure Jobs Act of 2021, coupled with optimistic slate budget projections, provides Texas a unique opportunity to put significant financial investment in critical infrastructure such as water systems, roadways and transit, utility systems, and natural disaster resiliency.

Irrigation Districts
Texas REALTORS® supports strengthening provisions pertaining to the recording of irrigation districts’ encumbrances on real property by ensuring such information is recorded with the County Clerk in which the property is located.

Model Subdivisions
Texas REALTORS® believes real property should be subject to uniform standards for development throughout the state. Our association supports the full repeal of the Model Subdivision laws applicable to land within 50 miles of an international border.

PACE Lending
Texas REALTORS® opposes the expansion of the Property Assessed Clean Energy lending programs beyond what is currently allowed by Texas law.

Property Taxes
Texas REALTORS® supports the exploration and adoption of alternative revenue sources dedicated to lessening the reliance on property taxes without increasing the overall tax burden on Texas taxpayers.

Real Estate Wholesaling
Wholesaling poses a potential risk to consumers in real estate transactions. Therefore, Texas REALTORS® supports appropriate and timely disclosure to all parties involved in a real estate wholesale transaction.

Residential Leasing
Texas REALTORS® believes the right to rent is a fundamental part of the property rights bundle, and that municipalities should not limit property owners’.

Sales Price Disclosure
Texas REALTORS® opposes any mandate to publicly disclose real estate sales prices. Our association also opposes the involuntary use of real estate sales prices to directly
assess individual real property trues.

Sales Tax on Real Estate Transactions
Texas REALTORS® steadfastly opposes efforts to expand the sales tax base to include professional services. Furthermore, the association believes any taxing structure should not place an undue burden on the real estate industry or hamper the Texas economy.

Special Districts Disclosure
Texas REALTORS® supports easily accessible and transparent data related to property taxes and special district assessments so that property buyers and sellers have the most up-to-date and relevant information they need.

Texas Real Estate Commission
Texas REALTORS® supports legislation that facilitates the administration of the commission and eliminates certain inefficient provisions in the law, when identified.

Title Insurance
Texas REALTORS® supports the current title insurance consumer protections, which ensure competitive rates
and comprehensive coverage.