Writing a professional bio for real estate agents and brokers is much more than just tossing out that you were the top salesperson in a particular neighborhood for the past three years. A professional bio is your hook; it is your way of developing a relationship with current and potential clients. It is about trust. 

Think of how you determine who you are going to work with for nearly anything: contractor, Lyft driver, business associate, or romantic interest. What is the first thing you do? You run to a search engine to find out as much about that person as you can. You can expect that when you hand your card to someone or connect online, that potential client is going to do the same to you. So, you can imagine that the impression you leave on your professional profile matters and in today’s world your list of accolades may not be what drives a potential client from swiping right or left on choosing an agent. 

A strong profile is a good mix of your experience, personal life and a bit of insight into you. Try to define what sets you apart from other agents, why you love what you do and what it is that you can provide to your clients. Your clients want to know that you are someone who is looking out for their interests.

It’s important to share your experience, insight and who you are, but it is also important to keep it short and sweet. Potential clients are more likely to pass on reading a lengthy bio than they are something briefer and more concise. So, keeping your bio between 200 and 300 words is ideal. 

Provided are the following templates and guides:

  • New Agent: For agents with limited experience.
  • Experienced Agent: For agents with years of experience and whose knowledge is more valuable than their accolades. 
  • Independent agent: Do you handle your real estate business on your own? You might want to take a more personable approach. 
  • Plug and Play: This is a quick set-up template for those agents who don’t have a lot of time, but need a profile now.

Each of these templates is designed so that you can update at anytime without having to rewrite your bio. Check them all out and see which one fits you. 

Template for New Agent

It can be difficult when you first start out in real estate. After all, many of your future leads will be generated from clients you haven’t had the opportunity to work with yet. So, your job is to interest potential clients by focusing on your drive, your knowledge of technology and even those you surround yourself with. 

[Provide a little insight to where you grew up and why you want to be an agent]

Anthony Hall was born and raised in Harris County. This has given him an opportunity to build an extensive network and form close relationships with local businesses and people. He became a licensed real estate agent in 2015. 

[Personal quote about real estate in your area] [Short reason why you enjoy being an agent]

“Understanding my community and the areas I work is one of the most important aspects of my real estate career.” Anthony enjoys showcasing the diverse architecture that Harris County has to offer from Craftsman-style bungalows to ultra-modern high-rises. What excites Anthony about Harris County is that it is really a shopping ground for anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

[Your background before real estate or accolades, experience and community organization experience]

Anthony’s experience hasn’t always been in real estate. He spent ten years as a city planner before finding interest as a digital influencer where he has over 40,000 followers who virtually travel with him to explore local history and architecture in the Houston Area. It is only natural that Anthony was able to combine his love of Harris County and architecture to develop a successful real estate business. 

[How the experience from the previous paragraph helps you to serve your clients]

As a digital influencer, Anthony keeps himself well informed of all the latest technology trends, area developments and of course the homes you love. Most of all, Anthony knows how to research and find the home that is perfect for you. His knowledge of the area and drive to find that perfect home really sets him apart. 

[Get a bit personal, leaving the client with a sense of who you are]

Anthony is married to his lovely wife, Jenn, who shares his affinity for history and architecture. Together they scour the city in search of new neighborhoods, dog parks for their bulldog, Ebbs, and interesting stories to share on their blog Anthonyrealestate.com. Join Anthony to swap stories and find your perfect home. 

Template for Experienced Agent

Often experienced agents have so many accolades and certifications that they can’t all fit into one profile, and you probably wouldn’t want to put them all there anyway. The profile for an experienced agent may include an abridged version of your accolades, specific area experience and local organizations you belong to. This type of profile helps to show potential clients that you know your stuff and have been around long enough to have potentially built a niche in the market. 

[Provide a little insight to where you grew up and why you enjoy being agent]

Elie Grambling was born and raised in Harris County. This has given her an opportunity to build an extensive network and form close relationships with local businesses and people. She became a licensed real estate agent in 2015. 

[Provide relevant accolade and/or local organizations you belong to]

Elie has been a top-five Houston REALTOR® for the past ten years, belongs to the local Chamber of Commerce and is Vice President of the Women’s Association of Small Businesses. Her understanding of the local community plays a critical role in finding that perfect home. 

[Provide what separates you from others. Do you go after a niche market? Do you have insight others may not have?]

Due to Elie’s significant knowledge of the Harris County area, she has garnered praise for her neighborhood knowledge and prefers to focus on mid-century and prior homes. She feels that it is important to bring in homeowners who love revitalizing older areas and reclaim past beauty. While Elie’s niche is with older homes, she is never one to walk away from finding the perfect home for a client whether you are looking for an established neighborhood or new condo. 

[If possible, provide how you go about business such as home marketing, searches, etc.]

Elie feels that today’s homeowner needs to be in-the-know to find that perfect home. She utilizes a variety of online marketing tools, professional staging, and open houses to attract the mainstream homebuyers. In addition, Elie uses her local presence, network and niche online presence to focus on the homes you are looking for as well as selling. 

[Get a bit personal, leaving the client with a sense of who you are]

Elie is married with three kids, four cats and two dogs—and they all get along purrfectly. While she was born and raised in Harris County, she often spends her holidays traveling the country and her beloved state of Texas exploring new and exciting cities. 

Template for Independent Agent

As you’ll notice, most of these templates are written from the perspective of a brokerage providing information in the 3rd person for their agents. While this is a good way to lay out your background, many agents prefer the personable approach of 1st person. To a client, this style feels as if you are talking directly to them. This template is designed to be both approachable and professional. 

[Personal introduction]

Hi, my name is James Atwood and I’ve been working in real estate for as long as I can remember. While growing up just outside of Austin my parents moved twelve times. Yes, you read that right—twelve! You can say that this put the real estate bug in me and it hasn’t wavered since. 

[Highlight areas of interest]

I am lucky enough to have turned my personal passion into my career and have spent the last ten years helping others find their home while also finding that perfect buyer for a home. You’ve probably heard that turning something you love into your career means you’ll never have to work a day in your life. I completely embrace that mindset as I work all hours of the day and every day of the year to help others find and sell their homes. 

[Provide some insight]

Real estate is about the details and I encourage all my clients to research potential neighborhoods, schools and area amenities that work for you. The Dallas/Fort Worth area has so much to offer and I truly believe everyone’s dream home exists closer than you’d think. 

[Provide your background]

I graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in Marketing and Communication. I have … certifications. I think my favorite accolade is the number of prior clients who have hired me to help them buy or sell multiple homes over the years. Knowing that you’ve left behind a positive impact is important to me and how I run my business. 

[Personal information]

So, why do I work in real estate, aside from loving it? I do it for my family. I have a stunning wife, two toddlers running around the house and a pet gerbil. We don’t leave the state of Texas much and why would we when there are millions of acres to camp and fish!

Template for Quick set-up

The quick set-up template is more of a plug-and-play style and provides a basic way to get information into a profile without having to utilize significant time. It also affords you the ability to modify or update without having to rewrite your profile. 

My name is { } and I grew up {area or areas you lived}. I’ve been working in real estate for { } years. While I am open to all areas of {city, county, area}, I am most familiar with {area or neighborhood}. In fact, my favorite part of the city is {park, shopping center, housing district, etc.} because {reason why}

To be a successful real estate agent, I believe in focusing on the community. I am a member of {organizations} and enjoy spending my time {local area activity}. Networking gives me the opportunity to meet others in the area, stay up-to-date on local activities and understand the unique differences each neighborhood offers. 

I believe it is important to {offer insight on how you can work together to best achieve desired goal}. That’s why I {how do you execute the goal}.

In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my family {list partner type or number of kids/pets}. {Short description of what you enjoy doing on your personal time. It can but does not have to be related to real estate.}