What is TREPAC?

Important Things you need to know about TREPAC…

  • TREPAC is the Texas Real Estate Political Action Committe
  • TREPAC is a voluntary, nonprofit organization that supports candidates for federal, state, and local office who demonstrate their support for property rights and the real estate profession
  • TREPAC is a non-partisan political action committee
  • The political action committee is insurance to protect your livelihood and industry. Many issues affecting real estate are continuously debated on the national, state and local levels. Getting involved in TREPAC will ensure that the REALTOR® voice is heard in Congress and at the Capitol.
  • TREPAC is the largest political action committee in the state raising more than $2.7M in 2009 with 43% participation.

Where do your TREPAC dollars go?

30% National Candidates
(i.e.: U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, U.S. Congressman Al Green)

50% State Candidates
(i.e.: Texas Senator Tommy Williams, State Representative Ana Hernandez)

20% Local Candidates
(i.e.: Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, Sugar Land City Council Member Jacque Chaumette)