It is coming up on everyone’s favorite time of year. That’s right, the holidays. No wait, I mean the HAR dues billing time. In October, HAR members will receive their dues invoices for the 2016 year and yes, TREPAC is included in your dues statement. This is truly the one and only time that we get to reach out to our members as a whole and increase awareness of TREPAC.

While investing in TREPAC or any Political Action Committee is completely voluntary and you can remove it from your dues payment, we at HAR encourage you to go ahead and make the investment with your dues. This additional $45 investment goes a long way to protecting you as a REALTOR, as a homeowner and as a citizen. Here are some of the things TREPAC has done for you just recently…

  • Increased the homestead exemption by $10,000. ( Vote for Texas Prop. 1 on the November Ballot!)
  • Constitutionally banning a real estate transfer tax from the state.
    Fighting to Stop Patent Trolls on the national level so that you won’t face difficult legal battles just for being in business.

Isn’t this insurance on your career worth the $45 annual investment on your dues? We hope you think so and begin to consider your TREPAC investment as a good business expense.  If you have any questions, please contact HAR TREPAC Director Karen Driscoll at 713-629-1900 ext. 271 or via e-mail at