“Get The Conference You Want!”

We are calling all attendees to help shape The BIG e Conference this year by participating in a quick and easy poll found at http://thebige.har.com/agenda. Providing our members with the best education, information and resources possible is our ultimate goal!

Help us help you! Give us a little insight on what you need from HAR to further your career. It takes less than one minute to take The BIG e poll, so don’t cheat yourself by not taking that next step!

The poll will end April 30 and we will post the results after that. Thank you for your participation and excitement about this year’s The BIG e Conference!

The BIG e
Thursday, October 24
Norris Conference
Center at City Centre
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Online registration opens April 1.

Take the poll at http://thebige.har.com/agenda/