As you can see from the cover of this month’s issue of the magazine, we are very excited and proud of the latest member tool that HAR has rolled out. MarketInsight has already received great reviews from members and consumers since it was launched just a couple of months ago. In that short amount of time, about 7,000 MarketInsight pages have been established for clients or prospective clients. You may read more about it here.

This is also an outstanding time for the greater Houston real estate market. Sales rose in March for the 10th consecutive month—AND it was one of the largest year-over-year increases in the median sales price in recent memory. The average sales price was also only $70 below the all-time record. The months inventory metric has also been consistently on the decline, which means the market is tightening up a bit and some are saying we are nearing a seller’s market. You may read all about it here.

We have important elections coming up. While the Texas’ primary elections (county, state and federal) were pushed back due to court challenges, there are actually local elections that will be held first. If you live in Conroe, The Woodlands or Sugar Land, early voting for those elections will begin on April 30, with Election Day on May 12. THEN, the Texas primary elections have early voting starting on May 14, with Election Day on May 29. You will definitely have the opportunity to exercise your right to vote this month. Read all about the election timelines and candidates here.

The members of the HAR Political Affairs Advisory Group spent countless hours screening each of the candidates and determining who would be the most REALTOR®, small business and homeowner friendly, so we hope you will use this as a resource when you head to the polls.

Even though it feels like my year as chairman of the board just began, it is already time for our future leaders to step up to the plate and throw their hat into the ring to run for the HAR Board of Directors. Help shape the future of this Association, the Houston real estate market and the industry as a whole. You may read more about the process and find the Candidacy Notification Form here. I can tell you after serving on the board for many years now that nothing will be as professionally rewarding as giving back to your REALTOR® community.

The NAR Midyear meetings in Washington, D.C. are coming up this month so look for a report back from Capitol Hill after the conclusion of the event. There is also a REALTOR® Rally (not to be confused with the name of a former annual HAR event) on May 17 that is being called the “Rally to Protect the American Dream.” You may read more about it by visiting

Until next month,

Wayne A. Stroman
HAR Chairman of the Board