Effective March 5, the following will be published:


  • Realist® Tax system link added under Tax icon in the top navigation menu

Click here to view video tutorials providing a comprehensive introduction to Realist Tax 

  • Realist® Detail Report links () added to all agent reports
  • Realist® works on all Tablet browsers in a “Lite” format and will become available as a native app on iPhone and Android devices

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Bug Fixes

  • CMA Wizard: Updated URL pointers for the Location and Zip Code Trend Reports
  • All browsers: Rental Quick Search: Lot Description search fixed
  • All browsers: Custom Search: Using Legal Subdivision no longer causes error
  • iPad Safari: List of prospects now displaying in email window
  • iPad Safari: Send email button now functional
  • iPad Safari: QS Location/Area/Geo Market Area/School District fields now functional
  • Chrome: Using the Print button no longer causes error
  • Chrome: Driving Directions: Entering manual address no longer causes error
  • Safari: Map/Report popup windows have been enlarged when opened
  • Safari: Mapping properties in Client Gateway no longer causes error
  • Internet Explorer 11: Searching for fields in quick search no longer causes error when clicking on a Field in the “Available Fields” box
  • Internet Explorer 10: Clicking on the Map button in Open House no longer causes error