The 2014 Texas Primary Elections are here, and The REALTOR® Party wants you to be informed when going to the polls. Primary Elections in Texas are where the action is, and turning out is the best way for us to make the Texas REALTOR® voice heard.

rp_buttons_voteElection Day: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 (polls open 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.)

Harris County, click HERE.
Montgomery County, click HERE.
Fort Bend County, click HERE.
Brazoria County, click HERE.

If you think that only the General Elections matter – think again. On the national scene, Texas is referred to as a “primary state” … which means most of our elections are decided in March. In fact, thanks to redistricting, there are only a handful of competitive elections in November, so your vote matters in this election! Our recommended candidates were chosen based on their alignment and support of REALTOR® Party issues, such as: tax on professional services and real estate transactions, Texas Windstorm Insurance Association reform, protecting private property rights and state infrastructure improvement. They were selected by volunteer REALTOR® members who serve on HAR political affairs committees throughout the Houston area. 

For your convenience, HAR has put together a list of every recommended candidate that is in a contested primary race for the area. All candidates listed have primary opponents, so please get to the polls before it’s too late:


Remember, you will have to vote on either the Democratic or Republican ticket during the Primaries. We have indicated what party affiliations each of our supported candidates are by the R or D next to their names. Also, you need to take a photo identification to the polls in order to cast your ballot. 

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