Early voting has begun! From Monday, October 20 until Friday, October 31, thousands of Texans will head to their polling locations to cast their ballots in the General Election – make sure you are one of them!

Early voting is by far the most convenient way to cast your ballot, since you are able to vote in ANY early voting location in the county in which you are a registered voter. Don’t know if you are registered? Click here.

Then, just swing by during the specified times, show your government-issued photo ID, and cast your vote! Below is a list of area counties in which you might live. Please click on the link to find out your voting information.

Brazoria County: http://www.brazoriacountyclerk.net/recorder/content/Elections/Information.htm
Fort Bend County: http://www.fortbendcountytx.gov/index.aspx?page=338
Galveston County: http://www.galvestonvotes.org/2014_Elections/NOVEMBER/index.html
Harris County: http://www.harrisvotes.org/
Montgomery County: http://www.mctx.org/election/
Waller County: http://www.wallercountyelections.com/home.php
Wharton County: http://www.co.wharton.tx.us/default.aspx?Wharton_County/Elections

Before You Go, You Need To Know:

  • Vote FOR Proposition 1! Prop 1 is a constitutional amendment providing for the use and dedication of certain money transferred to the state highway fund to assist in the completion of transportation construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation projects, not to include toll roads. Prop 1 is found at the bottom of the ballot, so remember to go all the way to the end! Our roads are crumbling, our population is growing, we need this to pass, so vote FOR Prop 1! For more information on Prop 1, visit www.texansforprop1.com
  • For ease in the voting booth, print a sample ballot prior to going, do your research on the candidates, and fill in the choice you would like to select in the voting booth. Each of the above voting information links also includes access to that county’s Sample Ballot. You can take this Sample Ballot in to the booth with you, and use it as your guide.
  • The Houston Association of REALTORS® puts out a list of our Recommended Candidates, which covers local, state and national races. These candidates have been carefully screened by HAR and TAR REALTOR® volunteers prior to making the selection. When you print your Sample Ballot, feel free to cross-reference our list with your ballot and see which candidate would represent YOU.
  • All voters must show one of seven specific forms of photo identification in order to cast a ballot at the polling place. Complete details are available here.
  • If you or someone you know is over 65, if you’re sick or disabled, or if you plan to be out of Harris County during the Early Voting Period and on Election Day, you are eligible to vote by mail ballot.  You can request your mail ballot NOW by clicking HERE.  No photo identification is required for those casting mail ballots.