The HAR Facebook program makes placing Ads simple and fast. Just pick your listing (or office listing), set a few basic parameters, and you’re good to go.

The HAR Facebook Ad system provides a simplified way to get your listing into Facebook as an Ad without having to go through all the hassle of re-entering all your information, pictures and such directly into Facebook. Ads may be placed for any listing you currently have, as well as others inside your office.  Ad content is pre-filled for you directly from HAR, and a selector is provided to use any of the pictures that have been uploaded to the listing.  An optional marketing overlay for the selected picture can feature Open House, Price Reduced or Just Listed stickers to give the Ad some additional pop.

Aside from normal listing Ads, the system also makes it easy to post an Ad about one of your open houses. The Ad creator includes a handy “My Open Houses” feature to start off an Ad from an open house. As open houses are time limited events, Facebook Ads may make sense as a way to drive foot traf­fic to them in the local area.

Once an Ad is placed, the system will alert you via email throughout the life cycle of the ad: when the content has been approved by Facebook, when it is modified, when it completes along with providing details of how the Ad did.  The Ad status and details of how the Ad are doing can be viewed at any time from the HAR Facebook Ad system.