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HAR.AI Property Description

Use HAR.AI to write a unique and impressive property description for your listings.


  • Differentiate your listings
  • Empowered personalization
  • Social media & email promotion
  • Time-saving automation

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Open House Registry App

Secure & Effortless Registration Meets EVERY Visitor!

Use the HAR Open House Registry App to manage the list of visitors for easy follow up.

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Information captured for lead follow up:

  • Contact information
  • Represented by an agent (Y/N)
  • Loan pre-approval (Y/N)
  • Feedback on the property

Recommendations on Your HAR Agent Profile

In a world of hustle and commotion, let RECOMMENDATIONS be your Key to Agent Promotion!

Use this tool to highlight the recommendations you want to post on your HAR Profile and Website.


  • Request Recommendations from clients, colleagues and others.
  • Approve and promote Recommendations you’ve received.
  • Write Recommendations for other real estate professionals.

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