“Surreal” is the first word that comes to mind when looking at all the changes the world has undergone due to coronavirus. The vision for 2020 did not include disaster response to a pandemic, however, it is nothing short of amazing to watch how people are responding to the “new normal.” As usual HAR was at the forefront, quickly shifting gears to accommodate its members while adhering to governmental regulations to protect the safety of the community.

For the past three months, the HAR Governmental Affairs and Advocacy team has been working with elected officials to ensure HAR membership was in the loop on all critical changes surrounding coronavirus. This includes working at the local, state and federal level to ensure “real estate services” were included as “essential services” in orders to stay at home. Additionally, HAR members who serve on the Governmental Affairs Advisory Group (GAAG) have been meeting virtually to ensure HAR is at the forefront of not only coronavirus issues, but all issues that impact the real estate industry such as keeping down property taxes and staying on top of ordinances that impact residential home rentals.

Make a difference, virtually…

A key issue the HAR Governmental Affairs and Communications departments are working on is the 2020 Census. Right now, getting appropriate funding to support the population in the Houston Region is critical. We have been working with HAR board member, Shad Bogany, for the past six months to ensure that members and the community complete the 2020 census. Shad is working with the 2020 Census Bureau and can provide additional clarification and information if you want to get involved. By now you should be receiving your forms in the mail to complete the census, if you have not received a paper form, you may complete the form online at www.2020census.gov