Since the Texas Legislature passed the law making it mandatory to disclose if a property is located within a PID, HAR has been researching for a way to identify PIDs and make that information available to all MLS Subscribers. With this week’s update in Matrix, a new layer has been published displaying 26 PIDS that are in the Greater Houston Area.  

In addition to that, we have posted a spreadsheet that can be downloaded at any time that identifies these PIDs along with other required information for TREC 53-0 (TXR1955):

Finally, new listings will begin to have a PID value auto-populated on to the listing record if the map pin falls within the boundary of a PID.

This information will also be displayed on the Agent Full Report:

As with anything new that HAR publishes, we encourage member feedback so that we can make the best possible product for all of our members. If you find any issues with the accuracy of the layer, the information published, or identify a PID that we did not cover in this release, please send that feedback to