Sunny skies greeted HAR’s NextGenREALTOR® Group…NRG…as they painted a piece of Houston BLUE on Saturday, April 16 for their third annual Rebuilding Together Houston community service project. More than 50 volunteers were on hand to help out an elderly and bedridden homeowner in need. Gloria Keener has been in her home for more than 40 years, surviving only on her social security and living without a hot water heater. No hot water… no problem.  NRG got to work and bought and installed a new hot water heater to make her life a little easier.

As the recipient of last year’s Rebuilding Together Houston’s Golden Hammer Award, NRG volunteers went door to door borrowing additional supplies from kindly neighbors including a lawnmower, weed eater, clippers, water hose and more to give the home a complete makeover. And when five-week old puppies were discovered in the backyard, board member and animal lover Marilyn Arendt and NRG staff Liaison Rozlynn Crew held and cared for the puppies, cleaned out their crate and built a shady play pen with repurposed items they found in the backyard as the extreme makeover continued. At the end of the day, the front yard was filled with colorful flowers where weeds once sprouted, and the freshly painted house looked like new.  The homeowner’s son remarked, ‘now the house has a smile.’

“Community Service Chair, Pamela Post did an amazing job organizing the project and identifying extra things that needed to be done’ says Tiffany Curry, NRG Chair. Pam didn’t miss a beat when she took over the role established by Terri Lyons, the founding community service chair.‘Terri has done a stellar job the last two years on this project, and she’s a real trooper’ says Tiffany Curry, adding that ‘at eight months pregnant she was on hand delivering and serving food to our volunteers.’

A special thank you to our volunteers and especially to NRG’s Community Service Partner, Old Republic Title (777 Post Oak Blvd) and Julie Pistone Krampitz with TKimages (Real Estate Photography) along with Kelli Ownes for bringing F.M.R. Property Preservation and Residential/Commercial Cleaning Service and Courtney Katz for bringingUrbanscapes, Steve Acquard.You can see all the photos on NRG’s You Tube channel at

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