TREPAC_IMG_6104HAR TREPAC is proud to have the support of HAR’s elite group of young professionals involved in our NextGen REALTOR® Group or NRG! This year’s HAR Family Fun Run was held on Valentine’s Day at Terry Hershey Park and we had an outstanding attendance of 200 participants. Families, friends and beloved pets all took to the 5K trail in the name of HAR TREPAC. Chaired by HAR TREPAC Committee Member Karishma Asrani and Emcee’d by Randall Martin this event has become known for its fun and friendly atmosphere. This year we had the wonderful support of committee members Karishma Asrani, Randall Martin, Ray Wade, Cherin Cox, Bridget Martin, Roz Crew, Christi Borden, Jo Ann Stevens, Mimi Ortiz, Sarah Ghandour, Michelle Posey and Julie Pistone Krampitz.