After nearly a year of input from members, the Technology Advisory Group and HAR staff,  we have launched the new Members Only site in an effort to make it easier to navigate and more intuitive for our members.

More than 18,800 members have logged in to the new Members Only site since the launch on January 31. We have received overall good responses from our members, who are saying that the new Members Only site is sophisticated, makes it easy to find information, easy to navigate, and that the layout is clean and simple. Based on some of the feedback from our members, we have created video tutorials to help them through the transition period, have created webinars, and are providing onsite training.

To read more feedback from our members, please visit

Helpful resources when you have questions
We know that this is a significant change and we would like to provide you with a few resources in case you have questions about the new site.

At the top of each section of the site, there is a brief video that will give an overview of the functionality of that section. Additionally, the dashboard menu, which is where you will first go on the site, has a 15-minute recorded webinar that will help you find where the most frequently used tools are now located.

A new “Quick Search” feature that allows you to quickly find anything is also available above the member training webinar in the middle of the page. Just type in any term for which you are looking, and all the possible results will start displaying beneath the box. This feature is probably the most useful tool as you learn where everything is in the new layout.

There is a site map and FAQ available on the site that should help you navigate the structure of the new site.

If you still have questions and are having a sales meeting or any other gathering, you may schedule an on-site training by e-mailing One of our member relations staff will be happy to come out and show you where everything is and all the great new features as well. If you need an answer more quickly, you may also e-mail our technical support at, and they will be
glad to help you.

What additions or improvements to this site are underway or planned for the future?
With the new Members Only site, we are able to track user behavior. We are working on compiling data on members’ behavior to give them access to the specific tools. We are also working on giving members the ability to customize the dashboard to their preferences. We are also looking to improve on the quick search tool to make it an even smoother process for our members to find what they’re looking for.

Provide feedback please
As with all things we do at HAR, please let us know what you think about the new site at or by using the feedback button throughout the site.

We know change is never easy, but we hope you agree this is a change for the better.

Thank you for continuing to be a member of HAR.