The local elections held Saturday, May 14th yielded positive results for HAR supported incumbents Peggy S. Hausman, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors Position 6, and Don Smithers, Sugar Land City Council District 1. Both incumbents won their races with more than 50 percent of the vote, and will hold their current positions for another two-year term. Additionally, two HAR supported candidates for The Woodlands Township, Nelda Luce Blair and Bruce Tough, ran unopposed in their respective elections and will remain on The Woodlands Township Board of Directors for another two years.

In the Sugar Land City Council elections, HAR Recommended Candidate for District 3, Amy Mitchell, will face Howard Paul in a runoff election to take place on June 11.

HAR Recommended Candidate for Sugar Land City Council District 4, Frank Yonish, did not receive enough votes to participate in the runoff election for that seat.

Elections by the numbers:

Sugar Land City Council

District 1: Incumbent Donald Smithers will keep his seat, earning 506 votes, 53 percent, to challenger Diana Miller’s 441 votes, 47 percent.

District 3: Howard Paul will face Amy Mitchell in the runoff to replace Councilman Russell Jones, who is term-limited. Paul earned 651 votes, 44 percent, to candidate Amy Mitchell’s 430 votes, 29 percent. Third candidate Jim Hoelker earned 411 votes, 28 percent.

District 4: Candidate Harish Jajoo will face Farha Ahmed in the runoff to replace term-limited councilman Michael Schiff. Jajoo earned 1,153 votes, 42 percent, to candidate Farha Ahmed’s 952 votes, 35 percent. Third candidate Frank Yonish earned 629 votes, 23 percent.

The Woodlands Township

Position 6: Incumbent Peggy Hausman will keep her seat, earning 2,460 votes, 65 percent, to challenger James Stilwell’s 1,305 votes, 35 percent.