Make a Difference with NAR’s Broker Involvement Program

Texas REALTORS® understand that responding to NAR calls for action can send a strong message to members of Congress. However, with average call-for-action response rates of 11 percent in Texas and 9 percent nationally, there is great room for improvement. NAR has created the Broker Involvement Program to help brokers encourage their agents to respond to NAR calls for actions.

The Broker Involvement Program takes advantage of the fact that a REALTOR® is more likely to open an e-mail from his broker than from HAR, TAR or NAR. Here’s how it works: When NAR creates a call for action (CFA), the first message comes from the national association, as usual. If a REALTOR® doesn’t act on the CFA after a designated amount of time, a second CFA message is sent to that REALTOR® from his broker or designated REALTOR®.

If you’re a broker, it’s easy to participate in the program. Enroll your company. NAR staff will verify your information and obtain your company logo. When there’s a federal call for action, NAR will alert you by phone and e-mail. Your personal e-mail message and the CFA, prepared by NAR, will be available for your review at the Broker Portal. NAR also gives you the choice not to participate in a call for action.

The program works. In the last call for action issued by NAR, 25% of REALTORS® who responded were with brokers enrolled in the Broker Involvement Program. If you’re a broker or designated REALTOR®, please sign up for the program today or ask TAR to sign you up. If you’re not a broker, see if your broker has signed up. More than 250 brokers in Texas are enrolled, and if yours isn’t on the list, talk to them today.

Even if you’re a broker without agents under you, your voice counts. In order to increase member participation in the calls for action, NAR President Vicki Cox Golder set a goal for the Broker Involvement Program: 500,000 agents and 6,000 brokers in the program by the end of 2010. In Texas, our goal is 35,579 agents; we’re at 40 percentof that.

The goal is big and the need is big. You can help. You can learn more about the program, order free brochures to give to brokers, or even schedule a speaker from NAR to talk to your group about the Broker Involvement Program by visiting their website at