HAR is Now Up in the Air (and Online) with Continental

Last month, we told you that we had begun our online advertising campaign on a variety of websites, such as MSN Money, Yahoo! Real Estate, Houston Business Journal, Katy Sun, Fort Bend Sun, West University Examiner and others. We also told you that we were in negotiations with Continental Airlines to advertise on its website. We were able to secure the placement that we wanted at a price that was reasonable so those ads began on Monday, May 17.

Anyone in the greater Houston area who goes on Continental.com will now have the chance to see one of our HAR ads on the Flight Selection Page, Trip Itinerary Page or My Account Page. Additionally, our ad will be included in six upcoming e-mails when Continental.com sends out its weekly specials.

As with the entire online advertising buy, this campaign will run through late August so that we will be advertising for you during the peak summer selling season-which also happens to be the peak travel season so Continental.com was a great fit for advertising on behalf of our members.

This also complements our advertising in Continental magazine as well, as we will have ads in a total of seven issues during 2010.

You might wonder what impact the merger will have on both our online and print advertising with Continental. We wondered, too. The proposed merger with United Airlines is not expected to close until the fourth quarter of 2010, which will be after our online campaign has already finished. The magazine is not expected to change at all in 2010-and possibly not even in 2011-so it will not impact our print advertising (at least for 2010) either.