This year, one of the primary issues the Governmental Affairs team has focused on is housing. However, promoting home ownership, protecting private property rights and addressing other housing issues is where every department at the Houston Association of REALTORS® (HAR) finds common ground. We were excited to host our October Elected Officials reception at Discovery Green and highlight Mi Casa, Your Casa 2.0 by artists Esrawe + Cadena. HAR is the title sponsor for this popular art installation, and this was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate HAR’s dedication to the community. 

The installation is comprised of 16 structures resembling houses with working swings that light up when in motion. The artists were inspired by the street markets in Latin America. The theme and purpose are to demonstrate how human connections are made through community. Not only is this a place to come enjoy the art, swing, and relax, public art programming follows. Anyone can visit the installation from now until November 14 and enjoy live music, dancers, crafts, and sing-along fun for the kids. For more information, visit