Tuesday, April 9 was a big day at the Texas Capitol. According to TAR, approximately 1,800 REALTORS® from throughout the state of Texas – with roughly 150 coming on four buses or driving themselves from the Greater Houston area – converged on the Capitol to advocate for REALTOR® issues that are of utmost importance to the continued success of the industry. During the meetings, attendees advocated for consumer-protection provisions in the property-tax loan industry, mortgage lending, and the property-appraisal process. The theme of the day, however, was the importance of investing in the state’s infrastructure.


“Texas is experiencing tremendous population growth. We believe planning for that growth, particularly with regard to transportation and water infrastructure, is the best way to ensure the Texas economy remains strong,” said Shad Bogany, 2013 chairman of the Texas Association of REALTORS®.

REALTORS® also took the opportunity to endorse a five-point transportation-infrastructure funding plan that has been proposed through the efforts of various state trade organizations. The proposed funding solution is based on three principles, including: (1) that money should go for its stated purpose; (2) long-term bond debt for recurring, predictable expenses is harmful to the state’s economy; and (3) the state must rebuild the funding for free-access, non-tolled projects. “Texas is the most moved-to state because of job opportunities and housing affordability,” Bogany said. “We must plan for adequate roads to attract businesses, support our growing population, and protect our tremendous quality of life.”


Chairman Bogany concluded, “Today’s strong turnout sends a clear message to lawmakers that the Texas Association of REALTORS® remains one of the most actively engaged organizations at the Capitol, and it was a testament to Texas Realtors®’ commitment to making this state an even better place to live.”

Thank you to all of you who spent the day in Austin to speak with one voice on REALTOR® issues. Our success is because of your involvement!