The Home Value Comparable (Automated Valuation Model) tool was developed to help bring consumers to you and to provide home valuation ranges as well as emphasize the critical importance of working with a REALTOR®.

First off, it’s important to understand that Automated Home Valuation providers such as BlackKnight, CoreLogic, Zillow and Appraisal Districts can provide a broad valuation range, but cannot always provide intangibles, detailed neighborhood trends and interpret the numbers which help to realistically define the value of a home.

While consumers sometimes put an emphasis on third party valuation numbers, we are using these numbers to show consumers that while they may be able to get a general idea of a home’s value, provider estimates are all over the place and ranges can vary by hundreds of thousands of dollars.  With our Home Value Comparable, we identify the wide-range estimates between third party valuation numbers and emphasize that to accurately identify a home’s market value it is really REALTORS® who have the insight and experience to provide the best information.

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